The generous support we received throughout 2016, the anniversary of our first ten years in the UK, was absolutely incredible. Animals around the world are safer, healthier, and happier – thanks to supporters like you.

If you have a minute, watch this short video showcasing some of our favourite moments from last year. You won't be disappointed!

Your support and generosity in 2016 created real, impactful change for animals across the world. Let’s make 2017 an even greater year for animals.  

P.S. Remember Pashuk, one of the rescued bears from Albania? That's him in the picture above! It's unlikely he'll hibernate this year because of his recent rescue, but he loved the snowman our caretakers made him for enrichment.

Help make 2017 an even greater year for animals by making a donation today. Your donation (large or small) WILL make a difference.