For two long years, Tomi the bear was forced to live in a cramped concrete enclosure.

Captured from the wild to entertain customers outside a restaurant in Albania, Tomi survived on scraps of bread and was forced to drink beer. He has a bald spot on his left arm where he would regularly bite himself, which our experts believe to be evidence of psychological trauma.

No bear deserves this life.

Thankfully, because of the kindness of our supporters, Tomi and two other Albanian bears, Pashuk and Gjina, were recently rescued by FOUR PAWS, and have been moved to new homes at our bear sanctuary Prishtina, in Kosovo. 

But there are still dozens of bears like Tomi in Albania—in desperate need of help.

Undercover in Albania, we found some of the worst conditions we have ever witnessed. Many bears are in severe physical and mental distress. Cages, chains and concrete are common homes for these poor animals. Little food, no light, not enough water – even their most basic needs are not being met. They are all in urgent need of your help.

We need to act, and you can help. Please give today to help us rescue some of Europe’s saddest bears.

Together, we can give these bears a better life.

Please act now: your gift could help change  the life of bears like Tomi and so many other animals suffering across the world. Thank you.