Paralysed by a botched operation, Mara was callously abandoned by her owner and left to die. When we found her, she was desperately trying to crawl back home.

Luckily, we were able to step in before it was too late. 

Will you help dogs like Mara and other animals in need this Christmas?

With the help of a special wheelchair, Mara is finally able to walk again. And she is now living in Speranta, a FOUR PAWS dogs shelter in Romania, which is home to more than five hundred rescued dogs. But we need your help this Christmas.

In Romania, stray dogs are considered a pest, and dog hunters work full-time to remove them from the streets. In 2014, the Romanian government introduced a ‘killing law’ – now, strays not rehomed within 14 days must be terminated. Thousands of innocent dogs die every year as a result.

The team at Speranta is working around the clock to rescue, care for and rehome stray dogs in Romania—they even hand-build wheelchairs like Mara’s so that disabled dogs can move once again. But the team at Speranta desperately needs help.

Already, more than 500 dogs live at Speranta and new dogs are arriving all the time. It’s overcrowded, and rescued dogs like Mara are depending on your support.

Please give whatever you can this Christmas to help protect the abandoned, stray dogs of Romania and many other animals in need around the world. Thank you for making a difference.

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