Separated from her mother, Cisna was found alone in the mountains of Poland—weighing less than a stone.

Too young to fend for herself, the three-month-old bear cub was taken to a local wildlife rescue centre by the foresters that found her. Sadly, her mother’s whereabouts are unknown, and it looks like the lonesome cub was on her own for quite some time.

In need of proper care and a safe, appropriate home, FOUR PAWS was quickly alerted to the small cub’s situation.

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to reintroduce Cisna, formerly named Puchatka, to the wild. Because of this, FOUR PAWS has agreed to work with the Poznan Zoo in Poland to build a new home for the little bear.

We’ll be supporting the construction of Cisna’s home as well as helping to cover the costs of her care. Will you help us?

We’ve already used £4400 from our emergency savings to cover the speedy construction of a temporary enclosure for the little cub, as well as her care so far. This doesn’t include the costs for her necessary veterinary care and treatment. Not to mention the cost of building a new, permanent home in the coming months.

Your gift will help ensure that we’re there when bears like Cisna need us, and help many other animals around the world.

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