Grivita was a friendly and tame stray when she was cruelly and brutally attacked.

Cared for by residents of an apartment complex near a Bucharest railway station, Grivita was discovered with injuries too horrific to show. Somebody had completely destroyed her nose and jaw, leaving her to suffer. Distraught, the woman who found Grivita called FOUR PAWS at once.

Our vets immediately administered first aid, and took her to a nearby hospital. A veterinary team led by Dr. Iustin Girea from the Ortovet Clinic, and our vets Anca Tomescu and Ovidiu Rosu quickly treated Grivita. They cleaned her wounds and operated on the broken bones of her lower jaw.

Although Grivita’s condition was serious, she recovered from her injuries and was soon able to eat and drink unassisted. While she still bears the scars of her shocking experience, Grivita has not lost trust in humans, or her enthusiasm for life.

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