Weeks of hard work, protests and support from around the world have paid off. Masoud and Terez are finally home.  

The two lion cubs safely arrived at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands after a long journey across Europe. At FELIDA, Masoud and Terez will finally receive the specialised veterinary care they need. The two cubs are now staying in a cozy, indoor enclosure while they adapt to their new surroundings.

This rescue was only possible with the support of people like you, the protesters in Bulgaria and the help of the Bulgarian Prime Minister Bojko Borissow. 

Together we can make a difference.

This rescue was only possible with the generosity of our supporters. If you would like to further support our work, please make a donation today. Your gift could help provide long-term care for Masoud and Terez in their new life and help other animals around the world.

Around ten lions have died at the Razgrad Zoo in Bulgaria over the past decade. An illegal breeding station, the lions have been kept in deplorable conditions with little access to veterinary care and proper nutrition.

We want to rescue two young lion cubs born at the zoo. Will you help?  

A product of inbreeding, Masoud and Terez were rejected by their mother shortly after their birth. Left to die in an outside enclosure, local activists stepped in to care for the cubs just in time.

The four-month-old cubs are currently being kept at Sofia Zoo, but they can’t stay there forever. Will you help give the cubs a new home?  

After ongoing negotiations, supporters like you have successfully petitioned the Bulgarian government to allow FOUR PAWS to rescue the lions. We have room for Masoud and Terez at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands, but we need to act quickly.

Veterinary checks revealed various health problems and deformities – most likely a result of the conditions at Razgrad Zoo and generational inbreeding. The cubs are growing every day and will require ongoing specialist care. We have no time to waste.

Will you donate today? Your support could help give Masoud and Terez a home at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands, and help other animals in need around the world.