Every year, hundreds of wild animals are caught in cruel wire traps set by poachers in Tsavo National Park.  

Their injuries are horrific. Animals such as elephants, giraffes and rhinos die slow, painful, lonely deaths that can take up to two weeks.

FOUR PAWS is in Kenya right now, desperately rescuing animals from traps before poachers return.

Will you help us save the lives of elephants and other wild animals?

Baby elephant Mombu was found lying helplessly on his side, with a deep, jagged wound in his leg – a telltale sign of a wire trap.


FOUR PAWS helps to finance a mobile vet clinic in the Tsavo National Park in partnership with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Thanks to your support, veterinarian Dr Jeremiah Poghon was able to drive into the dense scrubland to save baby Mombu’s life. Tragedy was averted – on this occasion.

But our mobile vet clinic finds hundreds of animals a year, caught by wire traps in Tsavo National Park, and that number is increasing.

At almost 22,000 square km, the park is enormous. Every single month, Dr Poghon travels 4,000km in our specially equipped mobile vet clinic – roughly the equivalent of driving from London to Rome and back.

From Mombu’s horrific story, you can see that time is of the essence. As soon as we receive a call for help, we must get to the trapped animals before their injuries kill them or before the poachers return.

We need to ensure that Dr Poghon’s mobile  clinic is always fully equipped, fueled and ready to go. So when we receive an emergency call, we will be able to react fast and reach the injured animal – before it’s too late.

Every second counts. Please will you help us?

Your gift could save elephants like Mombu, and help us save other animals everywhere we work.

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Image credits: DSWT