Under the light of the full moon, poachers don’t need torches to kill the elephants they hunt. The Poacher’s Moon is a night when the poachers will get their prize.

In Tsavo National Park every full moon is a Poacher’s Moon—beautiful but deadly.

But you can help us to prepare. So that on the next Poacher’s Moon, we can save as many elephants as possible.

FOUR PAWS is funding a mobile veterinary unit in Tsavo National Park in Kenya, led by Dr Jeremiah Poghon of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

On the next full moon, Dr Poghon and his incredibly brave team of vets will be poised and ready in the pale light, to rescue elephants attacked and left in the darkness.

Elephants like Rombo. An adult bull, Rombo had a vicious snare tight around his leg. Luckily, the FOUR PAWS-funded team was there just in time.

But not without your help. Dr Poghon  needs your help to fill his fuel tanks; to provide vital tools to free trapped elephants; to provide medicines to heal their wounds.

Your support could help save another elephant like Rombo, or help other suffering animals around the world.

Your donation (large or small) WILL make a difference.

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