Rosa is in prison. This beautiful majestic bear is trapped in a tiny, dirty cage with barely any room to move. Her feet are bloody and sore – open wounds rubbed raw by filthy concrete.

Thanks to the support of people like you, Rosa has been saved. But sadly, there are still many more bears like her. Beaten, horribly injured, and cruelly humiliated – many are force-fed beer and vodka to sedate them.

No bear should be condemned to a life like this. Will you donate today so we can give these bears their freedom?

FOUR PAWS is a leading international charity dedicated to rescuing neglected, abused animals around the world. Releasing bears like Rosa into our sanctuaries where they can lead safe, natural lives. Where they can feel soft, fresh grass beneath their feet – free from cruelty and suffering.

Today we need your help to free more bears like Rosa. Your donation could help FOUR PAWS give them the life they deserve.

These innocent bears need your help today. 

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