Puppies Mely and Puca were found on the side of the road, whimpering and bleeding besides their mother’s lifeless body. Speeding down the road, a driver had hit all three dogs as they wandered the streets in search of food.

Tragedies like this happen to many dogs in Bucharest. Sadly, when dogs are hit and wounded – sometimes, like Mely and Puca’s mother, even killed – drivers rarely stop.

With a donation today, you could help us rescue badly injured dogs like Mely and Puca.

As soon as our veterinary team at FOUR PAWS emergency clinic at Speranta found out about this urgent situation, they hurried to the scene and rushed the puppies straight back to the clinic.

Our dedicated vets operated on Mely several times, to give her the best chance of survival. She had severe spinal injuries, but thanks to our tireless staff – and thanks to generous people like you – she is on her way to recovery. Puca had a nasty open wound on her front leg, but with surgery, dressings and care, she too was soon on the road to recovery. Now these two puppies are full of energy and life!

The FOUR PAWS Emergency clinic at Speranta saves lives every day. But it is expensive to run. To treat Mely and Puca, their operations alone cost hundreds of pounds.

Without our emergency clinic, injured dogs have no chance. They cannot survive without our expert vets, working hard to save them. And our teams cannot do their work without YOU. Please, give whatever you can today and give puppies like Mely and Puca a chance.

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