Bear farming isn’t something you hear about every day. But it’s a harsh reality.

Approximately 1,300 bears are living in tiny cages on bear farms across Vietnam, some still exploited for the illegal bear bile trade – in which bears have their bile brutally extracted from their gallbladders for use in medicinal products.

While the Vietnamese government has taken commendable steps over the last decade to end bear farming, more action is needed to ensure bear farming finally ends in Vietnam.

That’s why FOUR PAWS – together with the Vietnamese Government and in coalition with World Animal Protection and local partners Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) – is taking action to end bear farming in Vietnam once and for all. 

And why we’re building our own bear sanctuary in northern Vietnam. 

After the first phase of construction, the BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh will house 44 former bile bears, with four enclosures filled with grass, pools and enrichment. In the future, the next phase of building will create room for a further 56 bears – that’s 100 bears in total that will be able to recover in peace. 

The sanctuary will soon be able to take its first bears, offering them a species-appropriate home. 

But we’ll need all the support we can get. 

Will you donate today? Your gift could help end bear farming in Vietnam, complete our sanctuary for former bile bears, and help rehome 100 rescued bears. By supporting FOUR PAWS, you can help give these bears a second chance at living in the sun and grass, and help many other animals in need around the world. Thank you.

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