You might not know, but the duvets and pillows that provide us with comfort may be linked to shocking cruelty. To fill a single duvet with down, 40 birds can be tortured in the most appalling way. A great deal of down is still produced by the agonising practice of live plucking, or from birds that were used in the cruel production of foie gras.

We have  taken a look under the covers of the bedding industry in the UK, and discovered that many major brands and retailers simply do not have robust enough systems in place to ensure that force feeding and live plucking do not occur at any point throughout the supply chain.

Through this campaign, we are naming the retailers and sharing information on the efforts they are making to protect the animals in their supply chain. Have a look at our campaign website.

Our campaign has already brought about some change. Thanks to your votes of disapproval, Argos has now committed to implementing higher traceability standards to ensure to the highest extent that the down it sources does not originate from live-plucked or force-fed animals. 

But we’re not yet done. We need your help to stop this cruelty.


While Argos has agreed to lead the way, we still have four more shops who cannot guarantee that their supply chain is free of live-plucked or force-fed animals. Let’s urge them to follow in Argos’s footsteps.

Because of their lack of transparency or traceability standards, Selfridges, Debenhams, T.K. Maxx and The White Company have all been nominated for the prize nobody wants to accept: the Blood Feather! 
Vote for the nominee you would like to be pressured most. After the final votes, we will deliver the Blood Feather to the unlucky winner to show that the public cares about ducks and geese.  

Argos was previously in the lead to receive the award, but as you can see, votes from supporters like you are making a real difference.

Help us decide, vote today!