Max and Mona were rescued by FOUR PAWS from a refugee camp in Gaza. Purchased from a zoo at the tender age of two months old, the two lion cubs were raised as pets by a human family. A lion cub is not a pet. 

After several weeks of negotiation, FOUR PAWS was finally able to enter Gaza and rescue the cubs from this highly inappropriate situation. 

When we rescued the cubs, they were both suffering from a skin disease and Mona had a pretty big bump on her head. With the cubs safely in our care, we are now able to provide them with the necessary veterinary care and a lifetime of care and support.

A curious pair, Max and Mona are happy to explore their new surroundings at the New Hope Centre in Jordan. This is where they will stay until their transfer to the Al Ma'wa Sanctuary. 

We look forward to keeping you updated on the cubs as they continue to grow and thrive together.