Life on the streets of Chennai can be unimaginably brutal for a dog.

With an estimated 25 million dogs roaming the streets, India has more strays than any other country. Typically surviving on discarded refuse, many are horribly injured, old and sick. Suffering from mange, abuse or road accidents, many dogs are in urgent need of veterinary treatment.

Since 2009, we’ve been travelling to India twice a year to support our Indian partner organisation, Blue Cross of India, which runs a clinic for distressed animals in Chennai. For the past few weeks, an experienced veterinary team from the FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care programme has been treating, vaccinating and operating on stray dogs in Chennai, as well as training local vets on how to deal with rabies, which is transferred by dogs, and is widespread in India. 

When we’re in Chennai, we usually treat all species of strays, including cats, goats and cows. But this time we have so many dogs suffering here that we have to concentrate just on them. Every day, the FOUR PAWS veterinary team sees the results of injury and illness on the forlorn faces and battered bodies of Chennai’s street dogs. We are seeing around 50 dogs a day that are in urgent need of veterinary treatment. Just like Jerry.

One morning, the veterinary team witnessed a horrific road accident before their very eyes. On the way to the clinic, the team watched as a dog fell from the arms of a man on a motorcycle. Packed with traffic, the dog was inevitably hit by an oncoming motorcycle. Thankfully, our team was right behind him.

Our vets immediately took the badly injured dog to the clinic, treating him at once. Suffering from brain damage, he was unable to stand up or eat unsupported. Concerned about his recovery, we quickly provided him with all of the necessary treatment, ensuring his survival. Now named Jerry, he is still in our clinic recovering from this horrible accident.

FOUR PAWS vets have already been able to help hundreds of dogs on this visit to Chennai and we will return to India in May 2016.

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