How is Saragih doing on his first birthday?

Great! He is thriving, healthy and eager to discover the world. He has learnt a lot these last few months. Because orangutans often go very high in trees, it is important for them to be able to climb well. Although Saragih still looks for his mother nearby, he is already making climbing attempts on his own. On the social level, he is developing well and likes to have contact with his orangutan friends.

How is the mother-son relationship?

The relationship with a mother is very important for an orangutan baby, because they stay very close to mum at least until the age of six. The relationship between Saragih and his mother is very close and will continue for many more years.

What will the future bring?

It is especially dangerous for orangutan babies in the wild, that's why Saragih and his mother will stay in our orangutan academy a bit longer than the others. But our aim is to eventually release them in the wild where they belong. Until then we are happy to watch Saragih growing up and wish him a happy birthday!

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