The KINDEST THING we can do for street dogs is to NEUTER them. But why?

I know it doesn’t sound very kind but there is good reason why we must neuter street dogs on the island of Koh Chang.

The number of dogs suffering on the streets of this Thai island is out of control. There are simply too many street dogs, and not enough people to take care of them. For many of these street dogs, every day is filled with hunger, pain and fear.

We’re appalled by the situation facing many street dogs in Thailand and we’re eager to put a stop to it. That’s why we are flying to Koh Chang island to set up a new Stray Animal Care project – and we’re setting off as early as 6th March!

Once there, we’ll have just four weeks to neuter 300+ dogs. This is an urgent and necessary operation, and, to have a chance of success, we need your support.

Every donation could help to neuter one more dog, and ensure fewer dogs are born to suffer on the streets of Koh Chang.

As long as dogs are born on the streets of Koh Chang, many will suffer. By taking action today we can start to significantly lower the street dog population and help create a world where fewer dogs live and die on the streets.

Once in Koh Change, we’ll set up temporary veterinary clinics stationed in Buddhist temples. There our veterinary team in Koh Chang will work tirelessly, not only to neuter animals, but to treat their wounds and diseases too.

At the same time, we’ll be running education projects on the island to teach the local community and school children how to care for stray dogs. So, not only will we decrease the street dog population over time, we’ll also make life better for every dog still living on the streets.

I hope we can count on your support today. Thank you.

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