This time last year, FOUR PAWS responded to a serious situation in the Gaza Strip. A harsh winter and limited access to resources left the animals at the Khan Younis Zoo in dire need.

Weak and emaciated, the starving zoo animals were in desperate need of food, water and veterinary care. And as you may remember, one of the animals in need was Laziz – the last remaining tiger in Gaza

Smuggled into the Gaza Strip at six months old, Laziz was confined to a tiny, damaged concrete cage in the Khan Younis Zoo – living on a sparse diet of frozen chicken and rotten fruit. A truly horrendous existence for a tiger, I’m sure you’ll agree.

After months of negotiation and public support, FOUR PAWS was able to permanently close the Khan Younis Zoo, which had been referred to in the media as the ‘worst zoo in the world’, in August 2016.  And thanks to your outstanding support, all 15 animals of the Khan Younis Zoo were rescued at last – including Laziz. 

We were able to give Laziz a home at LIONSROCK, our big cat sanctuary in South Africa, where he is looked after by our team of expert vets, and for the first time in his life he has space to roam and be free.

But we still need your help. 

Caring for a tiger like Laziz is costly, and can cost on average around £7,300 per year. Will you make a donation today, to help us care for Laziz and help other animals in need? 

A donation of £5 could provide daily enrichment for Laziz, £20 could cover Laziz’s food costs for one day and £75 could give Laziz water for an entire week. With your support we can give him and other animals in need the lives they deserve.

It is only with the support of people like you that we can rescue and care for animals like Laziz. Your donation today will make a difference. Thank you so much for anything you can give.