Canned Lion Hunting 

FOUR PAWS is actively campaigning against canned lion hunting and commercial lion breeding farms in South Africa.

We estimate that almost 2,000 lions are living in cages right now, waiting to be shot for the right price. In this brutal industry, cubs are taken from their mothers when they are only a few days old and reared by hand. They are handled frequently—often by unsuspecting tourists and volunteers—and consequently show little or no fear of humansSome will be lured with bait. Some will be drugged. With your help, hopefully some will be rescued from this cruel fate, before it’s too late.

We are calling on the Government of South Africa to bring in tougher regulations that will offer protection for lions, enable an outright ban of canned hunting, and prohibit commercial lion breeding farms. We are also targeting the many tourist and volunteer industries connected to canned hunting.   

So far we’ve had an amazing response to our petition, with over 230,000 people signing our petition to call on the South African government to oppose the powerful lobby of hunters and lion breeders and to finally ban Canned Hunting!  

Help us bring down this cruel industry for good. Sign our petition today!