Every year, over 100 million animals are subjected to horrendous cruelty – simply to provide fur to the fashion industry.

While fur farming has been banned in the UK, fur imports are still allowed. This is completely unacceptable.

Sign our petition to help encourage the UK Government to act.

It’s time to end the UK’s involvement in this cruel and outdated industry.

The import of cat, dog and seal fur has already been banned, but much more must be done. Urge the UK government to uphold the existing ban on cat, dog and seal fur imports, and extend the ban to include fur from ALL animals killed for this purpose – as part of the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

You can help make this happen! Join us and HSI UK in calling on the UK Government to ban the import of all fur into the UK.


We aim to handover the petition to the Government in the coming months. Show your support and sign the petition today.