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Your support will help to create a better world for vulnerable animals.


A monthly gift of £3 could feed a rescued bear in one of FOUR PAWS sanctuaries


A monthly gift of £5 could help to provide veterinary care for a rescued lion.

A generous monthly gift of £15 could help put an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade.

With gift aid, your monthly gift of £1 could be worth £1.25 at no extra cost to you.

I understand you will reclaim the tax I've paid on this donation, any I've made in the past four years and any I may make in the future.

To qualify for Gift Aid, I must pay as much UK income and/or captial gains tax as FOUR PAWS UK and the other organisaitons I support claims on my behalf in each tax year.

This is currently 25p on every £1 that I donate. If I pay less tax, I'm responsible for paying the difference. Gift Aid will help fund FOUR PAWS' general work. I can cancel this declaration at any time.

In 2021 we have...


Provided 60,000 EMERGENCY MEALS for dogs in Moldova where our Stray Animal Care Team have recently expanded their work.


Run our ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL in Borneo where orphaned orangutans learn to climb and find food in preparation for their release to safe areas of forest.

Big cat

Planned for FOUR NEW OUTDOOR ENCLOSURES at our FELIDA big cat sanctuary in the Netherlands, meaning we can home more big cats who desperately need us.

Supporting an animal rescue charity

Since 1988, FOUR PAWS has rescued and taken care of more than 190 bears and 210 big cats. In our sanctuaries, they are safe, loved and cared for, experiencing species-appropriate conditions for the rest of their lives. 

Your gift today could help support:

  • 🌳 FOUR PAWS Sanctuaries, providing a safe home for rescued animals such as big cats, bears, orangutans and elephants rescued from non-species-appropriate keeping conditions around the world.
  • 🚨 Emergency Disaster Relief Unit, responding to natural disasters, like the devastating earthquake in Bali.
  • 🚑 Rapid Response for animals in conflict zones, such as our work offering lifesaving aid in Ukraine.
  • 🐶 Stray Animal Care Team, working in different countries to feed, neuter and provide medical care for dogs and cats.
  • 🐻 Campaigning to protect animals, such as fighting against the dog and cat meat trade industry in Southeast Asia and bile bears in Vietnam.


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