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Help FOUR PAWS be there for abused animals like Mansour and Kandaka

FOUR PAWS saved Kadaka and Mansour from starvation. Now that they are strong enough, the lions need your help to get a fresh start in life. Can we count on you?

We have a short window of opportunity to transfer these majestic animals and bring them to a species- appropriate home that can provide them with the 24/7 care and monitoring they so desperately need. 

How could your gift today help?

  • £10 could feed a rescued lion for a day.
  • £35 could contribute towards a medical check upon arrival
  • £75 could help towards the cost needed to cover the transportation costs from Sudan to a new forever home
  • A generous gift of £150 could help cover the medical costs of caring for lions like Kandaka and Mansour who require medical aid for the rest of their lives (including veterinary nursing 24/7)

With your help, FOUR PAWS can be there for animals like Mansour and Kandaka and give them the urgent medical treatment they desperately need and deserve.

On behalf of the animals, the FOUR PAWS team would like to thank you!

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Your gift could help to rescue more animals like Mansour and Kandaka from neglect and starvation.

With gift aid, your gift of £1 could be worth £1.25 at no extra cost to you.

I understand you will reclaim the tax I've paid on this donation, any I've made in the past four years and any I may make in the future.

To qualify for Gift Aid, I must pay as much UK income and/or captial gains tax as FOUR PAWS UK and the other organisaitons I support claims on my behalf in each tax year.

This is currently 25p on every £1 that I donate. If I pay less tax, I'm responsible for paying the difference. Gift Aid will help fund FOUR PAWS' general work. I can cancel this declaration at any time.

DISCLAIMER: This appeal is an example of a FOUR PAWS project. Donations are spent around the world and wherever the need is greatest to help animals in need. The information that you provide will be held by FOUR PAWS UK. For information on how FOUR PAWS UK processes personal data, please see our privacy policy.

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