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End The Cage Age

Ask your MP to speak up for farm animals and #EndtheCageAge once and for all

Right now, in the UK, millions of farmed animals are languishing in small, overcrowded cages, unable to express their natural behaviours and suffering needlessly. 

In January 2022, the official Government petition closed with over 109,000 signatures. A debate then followed in May. 

Whilst a response was received following the official #EndTheCageAge government e-petition stating: 

“The Government is committed to improving farm animal welfare standards and is currently exploring options for introducing further reforms, including phasing out the use of cages in farming”. 

We are still waiting for the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to publish a consultation on cage keeping, as promised in the published Action Plan for Animal Welfare over two years ago. 

This consultation is vital, so that we are all given the opportunity to share our views and influence the Government’s decision-making process for animals. 

We need you to write to your MP and urge them to support calls to #EndtheCageAge. Can we count on you?

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Thousands of farmed animals are still trapped in these barbaric cages:

Farrowing crates for sows, which are so small that pregnant mother pigs are unable to even turn around for five weeks with each litter born. Each sow can spend several months of every year of her life inside one of these tiny metal stalls, causing extreme stress and subsequent repetitive behaviours.

Enriched cages for laying hens, which historically have been used as a replacement for battery cages, only provide each hen the space of an A4 sheet of paper, often preventing them from performing natural behaviours such as dust bathing or even simply flapping their wings.

Individual calf pens, meaning calves are separated from their mothers after birth and housed alone in small stalls until around eight weeks of age, severely restricting natural behaviours including close physical contact, social interaction, play and exercise.

Ask your MP to #EndTheCageAge

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