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Sponsor a bear like Michal

Michal in the zoo

Michal had a rough start in life

When we found Michal he was limping in circles, having lost his foreleg due to a fight with another bear. Michal was being kept in a 60-square meter concrete pit in an unlicensed Polish zoo, in conditions not suitable for any animal, let alone a bear who would normally live in a natural habitat the size of several hundred square kilometers.

Now Michal gets the care he needs

In 2011 we rescued Michal and welcomed him to BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz, in Germany.

Michal’s transformation was striking. The behavioural issues he was dealing with due to the distress of his captivity quickly became a problem of the past. The curious bear is now making up for lost time by playing like a cub - swimming, digging holes and spending most of his days next to female bear Tapsi.

Will you sponsor a bear?

Michal is one of the 200 bears we have rescued. In our Sanctuaries, animals leave cracking whips, barren concrete floors and torturous boredom behind, experiencing dignified and species-appropriate conditions for the rest of their lives.

As a bear sponsor, you will receive behind-the-scenes access to life at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz from the bears' caretakers themselves. Not only will you continue to hear about Michal, but you’ll also get to meet the other lovely residents he shares his home with.

  • £6 a month could help to medically treat a rescued bear.
  • £12 a month could provide bear cubs with special milk formula for a week.
  • A monthly gift of £15 could fund the full care of an orphaned bear for a month.

Your gift could help to rescue neglected bears.

Regular gifts are vital to allow us to act quickly and carry out our life-saving work at a moment’s notice.

Select an amount for your monthly gift

With gift aid, your monthly gift of £1 could be worth £1.25 at no extra cost to you.

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DISCLAIMER: Your sponsorship makes a difference! It not only contributes to the care of the bears in our Sanctuaries but also helps protect bears in need all around the world. We are working hard to end the suffering of bears kept in tiny barren cages, the cruel practice of bear farming and the abuse of bears in circuses. Your support does even more than that – it helps to protect all animals in need and brings us one step closer to a world where people treat animals with empathy, respect and understanding. Donations are used where needed most.
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