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Demand West Norfolk rejects plans for a new factory farm    

Will you help us call on King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Council to reject proposals for a new pig and poultry farm and prevent the suffering of almost 1 million chickens and 14,000 pigs? 

A new application has been proposed for an intensively run poultry and pig farm in King’s Lynn & West Norfolk. We cannot let this happen. 

Factory farming denies these intelligent, social animals a chance at a full and natural life. Chickens suffer needlessly on these intensive farms, only to be killed for their meat, providing they don’t die even sooner due to the appalling living conditions. Similarly, pigs live in barren conditions and often never see daylight or feel the grass under their hooves.   

With your help, we can stop these cruel developments from being built. Please act now. 

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Not only do these farmed animals suffer in unimaginable conditions during their short lives, but intensive farms are also hotspots for zoonotic disease outbreaks and contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, environmental pollution and biodiversity loss.   

This pig and poultry farm would be a huge step backwards for animal welfare and the environment, and will encourage more farms like it to be built across the country, undermining decades of work by animal welfare organisations.

The Government has made numerous commitments to uphold our high animal welfare standards post Brexit, but schemes like this directly undermine this and lead with profit in mind rather than a commitment to prioritise animal welfare.  

Oppose plans for a new pig and poultry farm today

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