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Sponsor dogs facing a brutal death

 Dog meat slaughterhouse in Skun, Cambodia
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The barbaric dog meat trade

Every year, around 10 million dogs are killed in the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia. In most cases, we may never know their names or much about their lives before they were torn away from their families or snatched from the streets. 

But there is one certainty: without your sponsorship, they face a certain, tragic end. Will you stand between dogs and the slaughterhouse? 

Warning: graphic content       ▼

Stolen. Killed. Eaten.

That’s the horrific journey for dogs in the dog meat trade.

Many are stolen from loving homes. Others are strays, alone in the world with no one to help them.  

Ruthless traffickers poison, bludgeon or electrocute the dogs. They cram them into cages for long journeys with no food or water. Many suffer broken bones, heatstroke and exhaustion. Some even die along the way.  

But there’s worse to come.  

At the slaughterhouse, terrified dogs wait in cages, watching as others are killed whilst waiting their turn to be drowned, stabbed or beaten to death.

Your gift could save a dog like Daisy

Daisy is one of the few dogs whose story we know. She was stolen from her home and taken to a slaughterhouse in Cambodia. She was lucky. Because of sponsors, we were able to shut the slaughterhouse down.  

When the team opened her cage, Daisy leapt into their arms. Despite the trauma she went through, she was like so many other dogs - full of love and trust.  

Daisy got the care, treatment and support she needed to heal and found a loving forever home. Will you give other dogs the same chance? 

Your monthly support goes above and beyond:

  • 💉 £5 could pay for medical treatment and vaccinations for rescued dogs
  • 🚨 £10 could help intercept an illegal transport and save dogs from ever experiencing the horror of a slaughterhouse 
  • ⛔ £20 could help the difficult planning needed to close down slaughterhouses
Dog Daisy in a cage at the slaughterhouse

In the relentless dog meat trade, our teams on the ground constantly move from one emergency to the next, making it hard to follow the individual journeys of rescued dogs as they find new homes. However, as a dog sponsor, rest assured you will receive updates about the animals your gift is helping whenever possible amid our vital rescue efforts. 

Select an amount for your monthly gift

Regular gifts are vital to allow us to act quickly and carry out our life-saving work at a moment’s notice.

With gift aid, your monthly gift of £1 could be worth £1.25 at no extra cost to you.

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DISCLAIMER: Your sponsorship makes a meaningful difference! It not only contributes to the care of dogs, but also helps protect animals in need all around the world. Your support means we can continue fighting against the brutal dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, Our Stray Animal Care Team works hard in different countries to vaccinate, neuter and provide medical care for dogs and cats in need. Your support does even more than that – it helps to protect all animals in need and brings us one step closer to a world where people treat animals with empathy, respect and understanding. Donations are used where needed most.
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