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In the UK, approximately 70% of the animals killed for food come from factory farms. Seen as a cheap solution to cover the high demand for meat and animal products, intensive animal agriculture is destroying the planet, jeopardising our health and neglecting animal welfare.

  • Intensively farmed animals are kept in cramped and inhumane conditions, unable to express their natural behaviours.
  • Factory farming is also killing the planet, distributing gases and waste materials that are leading contributors to climate change, as well as poisoning our lakes, rivers and soil.
  • Pandemics like bird flu and swine flu originated from these intensive and confined systems, which are breeding grounds for viruses.


You can choose not to support systems that put profit above animal welfare, or your health, by reducing your consumption of animal products and opting for plant-based alternatives. Will you pledge to reduce your meat consumption?


The pledge

I pledge to #LiveKinder by reducing, or eliminating entirely, my consumption of animal products.

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