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Update July 2021:

In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, governments can no longer remain inactive when the links between the trade in animals and risks to human health are so obvious.  Many practices in the dog and cat meat trade facilitate the emergence and spread of viruses which can impact both animals and people. The governments in Southeast Asia, particularly those in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam now have an opportunity to prevent a potential source of the next global pandemic by ending the dog and cat meat trade before it’s too late. 

Please sign our petition today and help to protect millions of animals and people from the dangers of the trade.

Families are being torn apart by the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia as their pets are stolen for the trade. 

Never before has the demand for an end to the trade been louder within Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia with Governments starting to take action.  

Help FOUR PAWS and add your voice to call for an end to the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. 

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By adding your name, you’ll join the global movement of people calling for an end to: 

  • The theft of millions of family pets in Southeast Asia to be slaughtered for the trade 
  • The capture of stray cats and dogs from the streets of Southeast Asia for their meat
  • The brutal killing methods such as drowning, hanging and torching alive 
  • The risk of rabies to humans and animals through this trade 

By choosing to be part of this global movement you’ll be the first to hear about our achievements in Southeast Asia through our campaign news updates, such as animal rescues, closures of dog meat restaurants and slaughterhouses and meetings with Government officials to call for legislation and enforcement to bring an end to the trade. You’ll also receive information on how to take further action to help the victims of the dog and cat meat trade and be part of the journey to end this cruel trade for good..

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Save Dogs and Cats in Southeast Asia

We need 1,400,000 signatures to call for an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade.

We’d love to keep you updated on the animals you’ve helped rescue and how you can get involved with future events, campaigns and support our fundraising appeals. Please let us know if you would like to hear from us:

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