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Your support could help our Emergency Relief Team rescue more animals like Kaavan

Sad elephant

Our emergency relief teams respond immediately to calls for animal rescue around the world. Last year, our teams have provided support veterinary care, species-appropriate food, and rescued animals in need. 

In Beirut, our team helped reunite lost and injured pets from an explosion, they removed the animals from terrible conditions in Pakistan including Kaavan the elephant and helped to feed thousands of stray dogs from the cold streets of Moldova in winter. 

Can we count on you?

Your support makes an instant impact, we can't do this without you.

A donation of :

  • £15 could feed a stray for a week
  • £30 could help to medically treat a rescued stray 
  • £50 could contribute towards transport and special travel crates needed for such rescues.
  • A generous gift of £90 could help fund global legislation towards ending the cruel wildlife trade

On behalf of the animals, the FOUR PAWS team would like to thank you!

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Your gift could help to rescue more animals from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

With gift aid, your gift of £1 could be worth £1.25 at no extra cost to you.

I understand you will reclaim the tax I've paid on this donation, any I've made in the past four years and any I may make in the future.

To qualify for Gift Aid, I must pay as much UK income and/or captial gains tax as FOUR PAWS UK and the other organisaitons I support claims on my behalf in each tax year.

This is currently 25p on every £1 that I donate. If I pay less tax, I'm responsible for paying the difference. Gift Aid will help fund FOUR PAWS' general work. I can cancel this declaration at any time.

DISCLAIMER: This appeal is an example of a FOUR PAWS project. Donations are spent around the world and wherever the need is greatest to help animals in need. The information that you provide will be held by FOUR PAWS UK. For information on how FOUR PAWS UK processes personal data, please see our privacy policy.
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