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Help FOUR PAWS rescue big cats

Big cats suffer worldwide. Intensive farming, private keeping, commercial trade and canned hunting threaten their future.

FOUR PAWS fights to provide the urgent protection that abused animals need.

To this day, we have rescued more than 200 big cats. In our sanctuaries, they are safe, loved and cared for, experiencing species-appropriate conditions for the rest of their lives. 

But we cannot do this without the support of people like you.

  • £5 a month could feed a rescued lion for a day.
  • £10 a month could help to medically treat and continuously care for animals in captivity and transfer them to our sanctuaries around the world.
  • £20 a month could provide lion cubs with special milk formula for a week.
  • A generous monthly gift of £50 could help to fund the full care of an orphaned baby cub in one of our sanctuaries for a month.

Your gift will allow us to rescue and care for every neglected animal we can. Will you help us free them from their prisons?

Read more about past rescues

An example of how supporters have helped these magnificent animals, is Ivan’s story – We rescued him from a dark cage in an illegal breeding station in Bulgaria. He was moved to our special care sanctuary: FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary, where he received the intensive care that he so desperately needed. And although Ivan would always need specialised medical care, we are proud to have given him a comfortable and peaceful life, which he enjoyed well accompanied by his nephews Masoud and Terez.

Talk about a glow up! Sun on his mane, grass under his paws, this is the life that our supporters made possible for Ivan 👆
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Your gift could help to rescue more big cats from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

With gift aid, your monthly gift of £1 could be worth £1.25 at no extra cost to you.

I understand you will reclaim the tax I've paid on this donation, any I've made in the past four years and any I may make in the future.

To qualify for Gift Aid, I must pay as much UK income and/or captial gains tax as FOUR PAWS UK and the other organisaitons I support claims on my behalf in each tax year.

This is currently 25p on every £1 that I donate. If I pay less tax, I'm responsible for paying the difference. Gift Aid will help fund FOUR PAWS' general work. I can cancel this declaration at any time.

DISCLAIMER: This appeal is an example of a FOUR PAWS project. Donations are spent around the world and wherever the need is greatest to help animals in need. The information that you provide will be held by FOUR PAWS UK. For information on how FOUR PAWS UK processes personal data, please see our privacy policy.
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