Over 150,000 people have already signed our petition calling on classified ad sites around the world to implement stricter rules for selling and buying animals online.

Many people choose to use classified ad sites when searching for a pet online. Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper regulation, many of these sites are exploited by unscrupulous and illegal sellers. This can cause huge suffering for the animals involved. FOUR PAWS has developed measures which, when introduced and robustly enforced, will facilitate responsible selling and buying online, thereby protecting both animals and people

What’s happened since our Pet Deception campaign began?

•    We’ve been in negotiations with 42 classified ad sites all around the world to urge them to introduce our measures. 

•    We were involved in numerous undercover investigations highlighting the many welfare issues which emanate from the online trading of animals. 

•    We’ve met with global companies such as eBay inc calling on them to introduce an animal welfare policy as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy.
In 2017 we will continue to promote our campaign and negotiate with classified ad sites in order for them to take action and we'll also start lobbying for laws to regulate the online trade of animals at both a national and EU level
– with the aim of achieving greater protection for animals being sold online in 10 countries. 

But we still need your help. Here’s how:

1.    Sign our petition at www.petdeception.org
2.    Share the petition with friends and family asking them to get involved via email, post or social media. Please feel free to use the statement below:

Did you know that the internet has become the main selling channel for puppies illegally imported from Eastern Europe?  If you want to help stop this please sign our petition calling for the regulation of the online animal trade. Sign here: www.petdeception.org