The situation in Albania is critical. 

Around 50 bears are currently kept in captivity across the country, suffering in terrible, inappropriate conditions! Kept in tiny cages near restaurants or shackled in chains and paraded as tourist attractions on beaches and in towns, these bears spend their entire lives in misery, simply for the entertainment and profit of humans.

That’s why FOUR PAWS has launched a campaign aiming to end this horrendous situation once and for all.

We are looking to tackle the cruel keeping of bears in Albania and with your support we’re appealing for stricter law enforcement and a legal ban on all forms of cruel bear keeping – please add your name to our petition today.


What you can do to help:

  • Support and sign our petition #savesaddestbears
  • Avoid tourist attractions in which animals are exposed to direct contact with humans.
  • Refuse to visit restaurants where bears are kept.
  • Avoid hotels that keep bears as an attraction
  • Inform your travel agent, friends and family about the situation for bears in Albania.
  • Whenever you see a bear in captivity in Albania, please take a picture of the animal and the location and report it to [email protected]

Donations make our work possible. Please support our work with bears in Albania and other animals around the world. 

Your donation (large or small) WILL make a difference.