Stray Dogs

In many parts of the world, it is not uncommon to see stray dogs wandering the streets, looking for food or somewhere to shelter for the night.

The harsh reality of life for many of these dogs is a daily battle to find food and to avoid the effects of disease and injury.

Furthermore, in many countries where the stray dog population is a significant issue, governments have implemented cruel, counterproductive and costly policies to round up and brutally kill stray dogs on a mass scale!

With our stray animal projects across Central and Eastern Europe and further afield, we have neutered and vaccinated thousands of stray dogs, releasing them back to the area in which they were caught to ensure they are not simply replaced in the hierarchy by other dogs. This approach, known as Catch, Neuter & Release, is supported by the World Health Organisation as the only truly effective way to reduce stray animal populations in the long term.

We run long term stray animal care projects in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine, and have also implemented programmes in countries such as India, Egypt, Albania, Croatia and Sri Lanka.

Our stray animal projects save lives!

We work with local authorities in the areas where we operate to agree on this solution as an alternative to mass culls.

We have already helped thousands of stray dogs around the world and with your help we can help many thousands more.