Caring for Street Dogs in Thailand – a FOUR PAWS project

Why street dog care in Thailand?

It is estimated that there are about 730,000 street dogs across Thailand. Many are sick, injured or covered with mange and fleas, these dogs are an ever-worsening problem, first and foremost for the community which may not able to handle the problem on its own. If they are not neutered, they reproduce rapidly, leading to the next generation of street dogs and overpopulation, which in turn can lead to hunger, spread of disease and conflict between humans and animals.

Our Project on Koh Chang Island, Thailand

FOUR PAWS wants to offer help and plans to vaccinate and neuter around 300 of the estimated 1,000 street dogs on Koh Chang island as its first project in Thailand. While the vaccinations will keep the current dog population healthy and prevent the spread of disease to humans and other animals in the community, the sterilizations will prevent reproduction and the introduction of more dogs.

The only sustainable and humane approach for reducing the street dog population is the neutering of animals. This includes catching the dogs, neutering, vaccinating, micro chipping and, if necessary, giving them veterinary treatment. Afterwards the dogs are feed and returned to their home territory.

Additionally FOUR PAWS will organize community and school events across the island with the aim of raising awareness and creating a better understanding about street dog welfare.

How has FOUR PAWS been able to help so far?

FOUR PAWS International Stray Animal Care programme has been running successfully for more than 15 years. FOUR PAWS has carried out stray animal care projects in many countries all over the world. The success achieved so far has led to both the authorities and communities understanding the importance of humane stray animal care and responsible pet ownership and working together to achieve these goals.