Will you take action?

Located in the Tate Modern's new exhibition space, Hélio Oiticica's artwork Tropicália features two live macaws. Although the macaws are not currently on display, due to high visitor numbers in its opening weeks, the Tate has confirmed this is just a temporary measure, and the birds are likely to be on display again in the coming weeks and months.

Installations like this send out the wrong message about our relationship with these animals. Because of this, we’re worried that this can lead to the inappropriate and harmful treatment of parrots.

It is time for the Tate Modern to put an end to these practices.

Shocked, we have sent an email to the Tate Modern expressing our disappointment. We are asking them not to display these parrots and to allow them to live in a more natural environment.

Live animals are NOT art.

Call or email the Tate Modern and let them know that it is “unacceptable to see practices such as these in this day and age.”

CALL: 020 7887 8888

EMAIL: [email protected]

Thank you!