The Wild Horses of the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta in Romania is one of Europe’s most prized nature reserves, a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site. It is also home to one of Europe’s last remaining wild horse populations. Because the area is protected and home to a range of flora and fauna which does not grow elsewhere, the overpopulation of horses was seen as a threat to the local habitat by the authorities and environmentalists.

As a result, the Government in the area made the decision to implement a mass cull of the horses.

That’s when FOUR PAWS stepped in. We urged the authorities to let us implement a more humane and effective solution to managing the population, through birth control vaccinations.

After lengthy negotiations, the local authorities agreed not to go ahead with the killing of the horses and to let FOUR PAWS start its birth control programme.

With your support, FOUR PAWS has since been able to vaccinate hundreds of horses in the area, literally saving lives. The programme has been so successful that the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority recently came to an agreement with FOUR PAWS to manage the population of these beautiful wild horses for the next ten years, as well as protecting them from mistreatment, capture or killing.

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