Zoo Animals in Gaza


Success. Thanks to your outstanding support, the animals of Khan Younis Zoo have been rescued at last.

The FOUR PAWS rescue team arrived in Gaza on Monday to permanently close the zoo, which has been referred to as the ‘worst zoo in the world’.

Sadly, we were heartbroken to learn that one of the animals, the newborn fawn, passed away before our team arrived – once again highlighting the critical nature of our work in Gaza. 

Nonetheless, we are happy to report that the 15 remaining animals, including Laziz the tiger, have now been safely transported across the Gaza border into Israel, onwards to a better life.

Most of the animals will find a new home at the New Hope Center in Jordan. But Laziz will make the longer journey to LIONSROCK, our big cat sanctuary in South Africa.  

This mission was only possible because of the kind donations, big and small, of our generous supporters. But our work is never over. Please give today to support this mission and our work with animals around the world. 

FOUR PAWS responded to a serious situation at the Khan Younis Zoo in Gaza earlier this year. A grim scene, starving animals were in desperate need of food and veterinary care. 

We’ve delivered essential food and medicine to the animals living at the Khan Younis Zoo, including Laziz, the last remaining captive tiger in Gaza. But now, our only choice is to rescue them from the zoo and take them to a place of safety. We must act now. We must get the animals out.

We are now preparing a critical rescue mission. We urgently need help. 

We're ready to travel to Gaza, where we aim to rescue every living animal left at Khan Younis Zoo – a place the media has referred to as “the worst zoo in the world”.

FOUR PAWS is the only animal charity that has delivered aid to the animals in Khan Younis Zoo. We’re the only organisation ready to undertake a rescue of this magnitude. We’re almost ready to move – but we can’t do it alone.

Will you help us? A rescue will cost around £35,000, but our work is never done. Until we can stop the mistreatment of animals under human control, we'll need your continued support. Please make a donation today, to support our work in Gaza and around the world.